HACCP Representative – Basic (TÜV)

Methods for Ensuring Control and Mitigating Hazards: Effective Monitoring and Verification
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Seminar Number: IDN-G1-VC

Learn everything you need to know to pass the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certification exam in this comprehensive course. If you want to keep your food safe, you need to know how to implement and maintain a HACCP system, and that's what you'll learn here.

Throughout the training, participants will delve into a wide range of essential topics. They will gain a solid understanding of the fundamental principles of HACCP, master hazard analysis methodologies, and learn how to determine critical control points (CCPs). Additionally, participants will explore the intricacies of monitoring CCPs and implementing corrective actions when necessary. Emphasis will also be placed on the significance of meticulous record keeping and comprehensive documentation.

In addition to covering the core concepts, the program will delve into the pertinent laws and regulations governing food safety. By the end of the training, individuals will possess a firm grasp of HACCP's basic principles and concepts, empowering them to seamlessly implement and apply this indispensable system within their respective roles and responsibilities in the organization.


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Target group

Individuals who are responsible for implementing and maintaining HACCP programs within their organization. This may include food industry professionals such as food production managers, quality control managers, food safety managers, and other staff members who are responsible for ensuring that their organization is in compliance with food safety regulations and standards.


The participants bring the following education and/or professional background:

  • Relevant state recognized college diploma
  • Minimum 2 years work experience in a food processing/industry

  • Participation in the training course “HACCP Representative Basic” of the provider approved by PersCert TÜV. The course duration is 1 day with a total of mínimum net 6 hours. The presence is documented by the provider by signature of the participant. Admission to the exam is subject to a mínimum attendance of 100%

Training outline

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Other information

Face-to-Face Training / Classroom Terms and Conditions:

  1. Laws and Regulations: This training follows the applicable laws of the country where it takes place.

  2. Equipment and Internet: Participants need a computer or mobile device with reliable internet for training. The company is not responsible for technical issues with participants' equipment or internet.

  3. Attendance and Completion: Participants must attend all sessions and complete coursework to receive a certificate.

  4. Cancellation or Rescheduling: The company may cancel or reschedule training due to unforeseen circumstances. Participants will be notified promptly.

  5. Conduct: Participants must behave ethically and professionally. Disruptive behavior, harassment, or discrimination will result in removal from training.

  6. Intellectual Property: Training materials are owned by the company and may not be shared or reproduced without written permission.

  7. Recording: Participants cannot record sessions without prior consent from the company.

  8. Feedback and Evaluation: Participant feedback may be used for training improvement. Personal information won't be disclosed without consent.

  9. Payment and Refunds: Full payment is required before training starts. Refunds are granted if the company cancels or with written notice within a specified timeframe.

  10. Agreement: By registering, participants agree to the company's terms and conditions.

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