Professional Certification Trainings

Professional Certification Trainings

Developing competencies and skills of tomorrow

TÜV Rheinland is a leading competence partner in the fields of quality management, environmental management, occupational health and safety, IT security and data protection. Our portfolio enables businesses and the public sector to improve operational excellence while meeting regulatory specifications. We also help our clients prepare for future-oriented topics such as Smart Factory technology or Future Mobility.

We offer a wide range of training courses and seminars, taught by experts who stay abreast of the latest developments in their fields. We tailor our courses to suit the needs of both beginners and experienced professionals, so that technical personnel can learn the necessary skills for their jobs and human resource managers can develop effective methods for developing their staff.

We have firsthand knowledge of innovations and best practices that will give you a competitive edge in today's rapidly advancing technical landscape. Let us help you succeed in your industry.


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Overview of our training topics

Quality Management Training TÜV Rheinland IndonesiaQuality Management Training TÜV Rheinland Indonesia

This course delves into the principles and techniques of managing and improving the quality of products and services, ensuring adherence to high standards and customer satisfaction.

Occupational Health and Safety Training TÜV Rheinland IndonesiaOccupational Health and Safety Training TÜV Rheinland Indonesia

The training focuses on the regulations, procedures, and best practices necessary to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for all employees.

Information Security Management Training TÜV Rheinland IndonesiaInformation Security Management Training TÜV Rheinland Indonesia

This program provides an understanding of the strategies and tools necessary to protect organizational information assets, data integrity, and confidentiality in today's digitally driven world.

Energy Management Training TÜV Rheinland IndonesiaEnergy Management Training TÜV Rheinland Indonesia

The session explores the strategies for effective and efficient use of energy resources in an organization, aiming for cost optimization, sustainability, and minimal environmental impact.

Environmental Management Training TÜV Rheinland IndonesiaEnvironmental Management Training TÜV Rheinland Indonesia

This module introduces techniques for assessing and mitigating environmental impacts, promoting sustainable practices, and ensuring organizational compliance with environmental regulations.

Organizational Resilience Training TÜV Rheinland IndonesiaOrganizational Resilience Training TÜV Rheinland Indonesia

This training equips participants with knowledge and skills to help organizations withstand, adapt, and grow in the face of changes, challenges, or crises.

Industry 4.0 Training TÜV Rheinland IndonesiaIndustry 4.0 Training TÜV Rheinland Indonesia

This course delves into the emerging trends and technologies shaping the fourth industrial revolution, including robotics, artificial intelligence, IoT, and how they intersect with manufacturing and industry.

Automotive Training TÜV Rheinland IndonesiaAutomotive Training TÜV Rheinland Indonesia

This program explores the advancements and challenges in the automotive industry, focusing on the transition to sustainable mobility and the impact of autonomous and connected vehicles.

Leadership Training TÜV Rheinland IndonesiaLeadership Training TÜV Rheinland Indonesia

This course nurtures key leadership qualities such as effective communication, decision-making, team management, and strategic thinking, essential for driving organizational success.

Professional Training Calendar TÜV Rheinland Indonesia
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Diverse Learning Formats for Enhanced Learning

As Hermann Ebbinghaus pointed out, the type of material to be learned can have an impact on skilled workers' retention and recall. As a result, we prioritize our customers' long-term learning outcomes by providing a variety of structured continuing education products in a variety of learning formats and frequencies.

Our training solutions cater to different learning styles and target groups, providing motivation for effective learning:

  • Classroom Training
  • Online Learning
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Blended Learning
  • Game-based Learning
  • Corporate Training and Compliance
  • Immersive Augmented and Virtual Reality Training

Our training specialists collaborate with you to determine the best course of action for your target audience, whether it is a standard seminar or an organization-specific solution. With 150 TÜV Rheinland Academy locations worldwide, we can provide comprehensive and effective training solutions at your location or one of ours.

Learning 2.0: Empowering Organizations for Success

Are you looking for a single company to provide all of your supply chain's learning needs? TÜV Rheinland Academy offers customized competence management services that include planning, developing, and evaluating your entire professional continuing education.

With our all-in-one learning solutions, you can get active help keeping skilled workers on board and promoting talent. Our experienced training experts can help you reach your organization's goals by giving you qualified advice.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help your supply chain learn through our customized learning services. Our skilled consultants for continuing education are ready to help you.

PersCert TÜV: Demonstrating Competencies

As a participant, it is absolutely vital to have proof of the acquired skills. TÜV Rheinland Academy offers multiple options for skill verification. You can opt for traditional participation certification, take an exam administered by the independent personnel certification organization PersCert TÜV, or have your competencies validated by this organization. You can also rely on PersCert TÜV certificates as a business to confirm that the desired competencies have been achieved and are established among your target audience.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Guaranteed expertise “Made in Germany”
  • Precisely right continuing education products for technical competences
  • Compact training courses
  • High practical relevance
  • Flexible and innovative learning formats
  • Training locations in your area
  • Location-independent continuing education through online training sessions
  • Support for retention of skilled workers and talent promotion
  • Verified competences through neutral audits by PersCert TÜV

References for professional training by TÜV Rheinland
Learn more about how individuals conduct competence development and what prospects are opened in the process.

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Items 1-10 of 101

  1. NEBOSH International Certificate in Oil & Gas, Health and Safety

    Be at the forefront of occupational and environmental safety and health protocols in the oil and gas industry.
  2. IOSH Working Safely

    Advance Your Safety and Leadership Skills
  3. IOSH Managing Safely

    Drive Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Protocols on an Organizational Scale
  4. NEBOSH International Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety

    Be at the Forefront of Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health Protocols in the Oil and Gas Industry.
  5. Upgrading Knowledge of Internal Auditor and QHSE Risk Management

    Based on ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 19011:2018

    ISO 14064 Series Greenhouse Gas - Understanding and Implementation

    Unlocking Sustainable Practices
  7. NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety

    Develop in-depth knowledge and skills in the field of occupational and health and drive safety excellence
  8. FMEA: Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (Game)

    Understanding FMEA through game based learning
  9. Digital 4.0: Organizational Strategy

    Navigating the Digital Landscape for Business Success

    ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System - Understanding, Implementation and Internal Auditor

    Improve your skills and competences in quality management.
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